Saturday, August 12, 2006

mi rage

Away from the crowd, away from the hype
Like a surfeited daguerreotype
I stand alone, beside my clone
The world is sinking but I am not prone

For in ‘water’ I stand
Rowing my life with an unsteady hand
For in water I have always stood
The monotony of ‘land’ I never understood

I float oblivious to all fate
I a lonely king of a lonely estate
I ‘mirror’ myself and think
I know after all these years, I won’t blink

I am humble in a lull, arrogant in a storm
Warmth makes me dull, wind gives me form
I ride the waves, but don’t get anywhere
I have no sense of direction, I no longer swear

I sit again and deliberate
I somehow can’t avoid those ‘eyes of hate’
He stares at me from down under
How many times have I tried to do us asunder?

His animosity burns me from inside
Our distance grows by the tide
It is unfortunate that ‘he’ is bound to ‘me’
Ironical, because I love being free