Monday, December 25, 2006


my life is done, not realized
can't name my feelings, am not surprised.
there exists in me a grieved state
it defines my life, adorns my fate.

every day i see the birds on the roof
i see the sun, shining aloof
i wonder which is more dear
i wonder what is my greatest fear

i hate being loved, but love i will
could kill the parasites, but cannot kill
banalities of a civilized mind bind me
inflated ego of my celebrated mind haunts me

i have accepted i have nowhere to go
soothsayers may have other cards to show
i know all my castles are in the air
i know i need not 'breathe' with flair

i love, i care cannot say
i travel,i float cannot stay
my eyes betray my thoughts
i have sold off the pride i bought...