Monday, June 25, 2007

a horse called love...

A horse gallops across the moor, and a steady gaze ‘rides’ it
The dew hangs from the leaves; stars make a humble exit
The ‘eyes which stare’, are not one but two
Naked and unveiled, they caress, they solicit, they woo

The water – wheel gyrates, the stream maunders a din
The wet hair cuddle together, the moist embraces the skin
Nestled in love, the spirit floats a boat
The boat catches the current, makes the heart dote

Green eyes, they survey the sky, beseech and entreat
A stunt awaits, a story in the making, an unaccomplished feat
The clouds part, the sun ushers in
Explores and discovers - blanched eyes soaked with gin

Those eyes, the blood rises to them, for they are no longer white
They grapple with the ardor, the candles of zeal burn bright
The horse is by now out of sight, it was never about the equine
The eyes, they rise to seek love, these infidel eyes of mine

Now the green eyes revel in secret delight
For the gaze is acknowledged in equivocal fright
Two hearts miss a beat, for they rush to bosom
The ripe melons crack, the buds bloom, the lips blossom

The burgeoning desires clash in the sugarcanes
Enveloped in a sugary bodice, love reigns
With a gentle keenness, and a fervent indiscretion
Two souls blend without admonition

The eyes refuse to budge, for there is nothing else to be seen
She searches for colour, while my world is all green
We hold hands, promise to part never
For the white equine now returns to carry us forever

Sunday, June 03, 2007

when god sinn'd...

the firmament seems to crack, the imperial stars reveal themselves
on the road below , two nuns walk, in the night, besides two ‘elves’
a light shimmers at a distance, the church bells catch the wind
the darkness bears down, the devil smiles, for today ‘god’ sinned

the ladies are silent, they hear the lunatic sing a lullaby
the road meanders through the corpses, the debauched souls cry
the owl sees them bend over the cross, cant in unison
the mist descends, the elves wait, their eyes bear a longing vision

under their feet are no prints, their voices can’t be heard
the eyes, they shine, tell a story, never told, never heard
suddenly the lightening crashes, a baby cries
the trees sashay, the wet leaves fall from the highs

the boy smiles, that smile demands affection
the elves relax, their hands bloody from the vivisection
the lunatic kisses His forehead, he can now renounce his forsaken disguise
for the kingdom cometh, right under devil’s eyes