Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cafe' Tart...

Four o’ clock in a jazz bar, the coffee is served
A stiff upper lip; a strand behind the ear is curled
She sits in nonchalance, her legs are crossed
Cigarettes burn the vengeance, the music notes get tossed

The images flash in the corner, volume is turned down
The atmosphere is benumbing, conversations float, sugar cubes drown
Her floral dress delights in the wind it catches from the door
She feels teased, as the lecherous eyes crave for more

The music finally finds a rhythm, discarding the discord
The eastern rider on the wall, unleashes the sword
The sword gleams as her eyes do
They tell stories, both of them, of the people they have cut through

The coffee shivers, cold with disrespect
It accuses me of my infidelity; I realize I am the suspect
For all this while, I have been evaluated, by a furtive heart
Coffee, a sipping game and an unzipping art

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday Night...

Two souls, in a deserted gallery stand admiring the art
Pleats gather on a forehead, appeals a disturbed heart
The eyes on the painting unknowingly stare
As the girl with pleats, renders herself bare

The immaculate beauty induces the lifeless eyes to blink
Her lips douse a cigarette, the Rosy furnishes them pink
The agile hands house a trigger, the belly is tight
The pleats waver in fervent dialogue, the tongues bite

“What are you doing tonight”, calls a voice
Seldom is getting involved a matter of choice
The man speaks, for the paintings plead
He emerges from the shadows, his instincts lead

The man is a contrast, white in black
Confident he walks, there is no turning back
The girl stands motionless, denuded and parched
“Committing suicide”, she replies “not long before I passed”

She blows the smoke at him, clouding his vision
He seems to rejoice, inhaling all with decision
The girl is suddenly is touched with déjà vu
But the notorious mind recalls nothing she knew

For the first time fear strikes her, the air goes still
She lashes on to the man, determined to kill
Her grasp though clutches thin air
He is her savior, life’s not fair

I see love in your eyes he sighs
And Love can’t let you die, if He does he lies
The opportunities will come and go, time right to alight
Stay with me tonight, for tonight is Saturday Night