Sunday, September 23, 2007

Meteor Shower...

It dented my roof, it dented my picture frame
It shone in my eyes, shimmering as it came
Vanguard, they were the brightest, eager to vary
Slowly the lights crashed, shunning off the soiree

I looked out from over the sill, my eyes inebriated in the dark
The rain had never been so bright, night never seen the lark
She touched me on the shoulder, or was it déjà vu
Amidst the eruption, I froze like the morning dew

When the lights came back, my champagne was smoking
The house danced amidst the raze, my girlfriend was choking
I felt distant; resurgent in me is a third person, a piece of mind
The flames buy the alcohol; I keep some for me behind

For she comes knockin’ again, this time with her entourage
It’s impressive, her attempts, the tempts and her beckoning barge
I am kindled, the tattoo shines from the heat; my lips anticipate the dower
Encumbered, I fall dazed, caught in her meteor shower

Monday, September 17, 2007

Shoes i i wish

The rose smells of her, the thorns draw my blood
The rain falls gently, the drizzle smears the mud
I sit by the pond, an odd trout leaps in the air
My fists clinch the earth, her memories are rare

I wait for her to speak, wait for the temper to peak
The fish hook pierces the skin, poignant memories reek
My search for earthworms makes me dig more
My wrist carries tattoos from my misplaced yore

She doesn’t speak to me, her anxiety elusive as the fish
The ripples in the water give me hope, float my wish
I see them become water again, I feel the as if she knows
Then, I feel the wind on my cheeks, feel as if she blows

The line pulls at me; I am tempted to pull too
I hesitate; I twitch, for I might catch another shoe
I recall the moments when we rendered ourselves bare
She always happened to lose the colourful shoes she would wear

Sunday, September 02, 2007


I have spent the last hour listening to Avril Lavigne(yeah i fall into those moods too), wondering about why I don't feel like flying back to Mumbai tomorrow. What makes Delhi such a indulging peccadillo, such as elbow nudging your girlfriends', picking your nose, stepping on every crunchy leaf on the ground.

Besides the obvious nostalgia because of loving parents(I see it as a priveledge), Delhi offers a unique warmth, charm...enamour(yes, this too).

Be it the waitor at a posh restaurant who promises to get you beer in your car for 10 extra bucks, or the bus conductor who excuses you a ticket because he's on his plush looking gold skinned mobile phone, delhi still believes in exchange of smiles.

Midnights are still lonely, and the fine for drunken driving is still rupees 50, all you need to do is say papa is a government officer. Pubs are still flooded with guys, girls rest at home, a lot more of them are taking the metro though, most of them with shades.

I am making metro trips too, damn often, positioning myself(with a lot of attitude, and no shades) such that my nonchalance gets noticed. Though you cannot tell, one approach and you get slapped or kicked(they do you in groups these days)....girl power(nice, where were you all when I was 18).

The malls are exceptionally busy too, baggy clothes hang loose...
Family visits are in...a lot of girls with long oiled hair playing ringa ringa roses...amusing
And they want to know why Bose is so cheap...

The cults still on the roads of vasant vihar, saket, south ex and punjabi bagh. A lot of foreigners, in open
India Habitat center rocks too, so does NSD and ofcourse who can forget Khan chahcha and his mouthwatering kebabs, and Bengali Market...awsum

People are committing too fast....or maybe its friends dont have time for you you ruin there party...gatecrash...delhi rocks