Friday, December 21, 2007

I simplified...

In the boisterous mirth, I find my smile again
In the screeching halt, I find my flux again
I stare at the sun, into the blinding light
To find the dark spot, where the darkness is bright

In the conversations of the nuns, I find pleasure
In the jungle, the discipline is evident
On the railway track, I stage a rendezvous
I hide the stars, to see the galaxy

In the consequences I find reason
I find a conclusion in the prelude
My words are never mine for I utter none
They look into my eyes and steal the context

In the gale I find the zephyr
I find love on a minefield
Plough it for the buried hatred
I discover the invention, admire the intention

In torture, I find resilience
In inebriety, I find freedom
In poetry I find form
In me, I find the world

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The fall...

She stands before me, absorbing my sedate achievement
Her feet buried in gravity, eyes inflicted with bereavement
On the edge she stood, desperate to join her departed soul
Would she…wouldn’t she, I wonder how much is her dole

I kick a rock down the abyss, her ears follow the fall
She looks at me; she is serendipity, a windfall
I stand expressionless, incapable to console her, I join her
And we stand overlooking the contemplative hole

A gust of wind hits us from behind; I loose her eyes for once
I ballet on my toes, my hypnosis swivels inside me
She turns around, and takes my hand
I reached out to unravel her hair, to find my eyes in hers

She sinks in me, the profundity amazes me
For her flourish nourishes my discrimination
The fall is evident, for I have fallen for her eyes
The valley below calls, at least we fly for once