Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dewdrops!! - a tribute..

He came along at ‘sunrise’
Replete with enthusiasm of his own devise.
He did greet with open arms
What pulchritude, what mesmerizing charms.

An attitude so charming so distinct
The spark of energy, the killer instinct.
He would sometimes get lost in his own appeal
Inducing in us a jovial jaunty feel.
However I have a confession to make
His jokes gave me a bit of a headache.

Then came the fall of the 'axe'
Fate’s words penetrated through tons of 'wax'.
A deliberate thought made me realize
I had been fooled into a surprise.

Adi was a revelation
Powerhouse of energy, cynosure of all celebration
Just when I thought the climax had come
The next moment better he would become.

Seldom had I been in such exclusive company
Someone who could emulate Himesh’s symphony
A man with a beautiful heart, radiant face
Who was far and near, generally all around the place.

Those hot debates, those lunch sessions
Those frenetic moments, those lasting impressions
Those songs we sang, those games we played
And times when strings of 'sanity' were frayed.
I carry them all like beads on a string
They’ll inspire me like 'dewdrops' in spring.