Thursday, August 30, 2007


Through the bloody boulevard she walks, with broken glass under her feet
The smoking weapons watch enraptured, as her naked body sweats with deceit
The children run behind her, her grace ignites in their eyes
Temptation is strong, the guns go wet and dead souls arise

The blackness, breached by the white of her skin
Now holds the candle as she kisses her kin
A tear rolls down her cheek, for they do not smile
Hugged by storm, she exposes her the veiled vile

I can see her offer her breast, enticing the child
Terror, grips me, for I realize we need to abide
The men weak from the blow, loose their heads
She wants them to submit, allow entrance to their beds

I don’t want your bread; I don’t want your breast
I don’t want your love; I don’t want your debt
I would probably fuck you for the sake of ‘glory’
And forget your face, for the sake of history

I see her smiling; she knows we shall give in to her charm
How weak could we be, why do we resort to harm
I stand alone, in a crowd of refugees, resisting empathy
I watch helpless, as they yield to Sympathy

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Declaration of Pregnancy...

She affects a pose; her thin fingers strum a guitar
The music caged in her eyes, flows; two souls stand ajar
Dexterity is evident, both in the hands and the eyes
They know the games they play, wise against the vice

Her legs have a secret admirer, among the lurid glares
The sinking ship carries sinking people, and unlighted flares
Pregnant with hope, the admiring eyes absorb the quandary
He had met love, on a sinking boat, with flares still in the chandlery

The ‘innocent’ men reveled in false delight, the women opened to bitter hands
All he could lose was everything; he dug out his memories from under the sands
She would not look at him, maybe absorbed in her own memories of them
He could let desire sully his will, or he could shine in the mayhem

In the store, the flares were wet, waiting to be discovered
On the deck, misdeeds danced naked in the moonlight, waiting to be covered
Within him, love burned, so did his desires, his skin red from rashes
Within her tranquility reigned, she follows him collecting his ‘ashes’

She is resolute; she would not burn, though she does not shudder
For she carries the reason, his reason, their reason in her
The diamond ring on her navel shines in the light of the fire
She admires the prevarication of the diamond; her ‘Love’ was an equally good liar

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Parallel Stripes

The stripes run parallel, the moustache rides the lip
His hair shine in neon, the eye lashes the whip
The man surveys the atmosphere, absorbing the gaze
The poise yields to a smile, as he graces the haze

Twenty years ago, his soft hands had delighted many
The spirits had run wild, libido alighted in outrageoud felony
The girls lost hope and the icecubes their shape
Back then they could hear virginity plan its escape

Those times still mirrored in his eyes
Images trapped, revels of the past, burnt cries
He would cry fowl, howl in desperate longing
Today he would sacrifice all for a sense of belonging

The photogragh on the wall, it is the only truth he knows
He wipes the Time with his coat sleeve, to revive the Memories he blows
He then remembers the first time they had met
Don't fall in love with me, the only condition she had set