Thursday, June 05, 2008


As long as it is the talk of life, talk is fine
I don’t intend to stay long for I am next in line
She waits with the last flowers at the door
If I have to smile I’ll reserve it for her implore

As long as you don’t blink, I’ll stare in your eyes
For I know it will keep you from hiding the surprise
But I will be honest, as long as you are strong
For I don’t know when you will be wrong

If she is smiling, it is for a reason known to none
She knows more than I do, as she has always done
Even on deathbed, I am the fool
I hate her, she makes me drool

You are my only hope, for you are inane
I know you mean your words and your wisdom is plain
You will be a toy all your petty life
As I have been all mine

But I have to face her one last time
At least this time all I can do is pantomime
For I never won a battle even in my heyday
She was my napoleon every single day