Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Two silhouettes block the sun, they look into the ocean
A ship smokes on the horizon, offloading its emotion
A man on the ship looks back, curses the shore
The couple at the shore is smug, they let the waves roar

The kiss when it comes, is hard and long
The light hides all that could go wrong
Hand in hand they accost me, etch me with chalks
I am a memorial for all those whom love stalks

They say the waves shout, as I stand in their way
They say the ships sink because I didn’t show them the way
I never ever felt the need of arms around me
And, yesterday a girl stole my dream to be free

Yet I stand, and shine for ships and couples alike
I am a their confidant, I am their secret dyke
I am their witness, to their promises to change
And, I watch over their past, till it is out of range

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